Fun & Healthy Brand of Foods

Breakfast Foods


You will look forward to breakfast with our outstanding variety of protein breakfast foods.  We favorites, such as Oatmeal & Pancakes.  Some clients prefer a Hot Chocolate or Ready To Drink Protein Shake or a Fruit Drink for breakfast.  


Fruit Drinks


Do you prefer something lighter at breakfast?  We offer fruit drinks such as grapefruit, orangeade, lemonade that can be used as breakfast or for a refreshing protein drink after a workout. 



We must admit that we brag a little about our soups.  But can you blame us?  Not only are they delicious, but they are so convenient!  Just add hot water & stir!  Try adding vegetables.   We have creamy soups as well as bouillons.  

Hearty Lunches


We love our selection of Hearty Luncheon Items.  Try our Chili, which is vegetarian or one of our very popular pastas.  Stir in steamed broccoli & cauliflower into the Fettuccini Alfredo for a satisfying meal.  None of these items are "restricted", but they sure fill you up!



Love your sweets?  We offer a  selection of gluten free bars.  You will not believe that you can loose weight while enjoying these decadent treats.  Bars are limited, meaning only one per day.  

Hot Chocolate


Looking for the perfect nighttime snack or something to warm you up on a chilly morning?  Try a mug of hot chocolate. So convenient.  Just add hot water and stir.  It is that easy!  A dieter favorite.