"I thought I was a lost cause - but I am living proof that it works"

  After struggling with being overweight for years, I am finally turning it around! I am a 58-year-old woman who is rediscovering my personal power, the “special something” that I had lost over the course of becoming obese and falling out of good health. Finding that mojo again is the most FUN part of the Fun and Healthy Weight Loss program!  At first I was skeptical, I admit, because I never really believed in diets. I tried a popular diet once in my early thirties, the kind where you ordered special menu items that were delivered to your doorstep. Dehydrated hamburgers… enough said about THAT food. My goal was to lose 30 pounds.  I lost 15. That diet was hard to continue, though, because there was no coaching and no one to talk to about my concerns and it was nearly impossible to adjust to social situations and stick with it. For those and other reasons, I quit and gained all the weight back, and then some.  So, life went on and over the course of 25 years I gained ninety pounds. NINETY pounds! I am on the tall side and have a big frame so I can carry extra weight without it being as obvious as it would be on a smaller person. That said, when the clothes came off it was obvious how heavy I had truly become, but I couldn’t handle admitting that to myself so I fell into a state of complete denial.  I always looked much heavier in photos so I stopped letting people take my picture. Problem solved!  The reality is, when I looked in the mirror what I saw looking back was a lost, worried, and out-of-control fat woman who was in constant pain. The pain I speak of was both physical and mental. Physical, because all the inflammation caused by my unhealthy diet resulted in stiff, aching joints and stabbing pain every day. Mental, because I could no longer perform the physical activities that I had always enjoyed, and this led to a sense of deep loss and as a result, depression. I was doing nothing to create natural endorphins to make me feel better. I couldn’t. My body was falling apart. I could hardly walk without grimacing. It made me feel old before my time. I did not feel attractive. I interviewed for jobs but no one would hire me.  It had never been that way before – it had always been super easy for me to find work. Whether you want to admit it or not, people judge you and make assumptions about you when you are fat. I began to see how being overweight affects every aspect of your life and not just the clothing size that you wear.  During a doctor visit I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. I could no longer live in denial of what my poor eating habits were doing to my body and my emotional strengths. I was depressed and it was affecting every area of my life. I knew that I had to take some action but it was overwhelming. I had to deal with the problem of being overweight and I was ready to try again. As soon as I made that decision the most wonderful thing happened. My mind opened to the possibility that I could be successful, and my fear went away. Having cleared the first hurdle, now I had to decide which regime to follow. HOW would I lose all the weight and not be hungry? HOW would I lose all that fat and keep my muscle mass? How does one lose eighty pounds and still be sane in the process? I had to figure out what made the most sense for me.  I discovered the Fun and Healthy Weight Loss clinic in Southern Pines and decided to research further. After talking to Coach Susan, I thought everything she said made perfect sense. I trusted her because she had been through her own weight loss journey and she understood what I was feeling. Susan is a shining example of how successful the diet is long after your weight loss goal has been accomplished. It becomes a way of life. She likes to keep it simple and what is better than that?  It’s all about being organized and planning well.    So - with a little trepidation and a big leap of faith, I started the FHWL diet on February 2nd, 2017. The beginner’s package is very affordable. As with all life changes, there is an initial adjustment. First, the excitement and psychological high of finally doing something positive carried me through the first week with ease. So, with discipline, a strong personal commitment to getting healthy again, and Susan’s excellent coaching, I got through the first two weeks and kept going. It got easier along the way. I’ve had so many epiphanies that are hard to describe, but suffice it to say that my thinking is so much clearer and I feel better than I have in years. In less than 10 weeks I lost 33 pounds and 28 inches! I have more to go to reach my goal, but the positive change I feel so far makes it easy to continue. It’s a no brainer - I feel great and I look fabulous! My clothes hang better. I no longer dress to conceal a big ole belly. My skin looks great. My inflammation has decreased to the point where I can bend my knees and cross my legs again, and if this seems trivial to you believe me when I tell you that it is so empowering to make the right choices and as a result, experience increased movement and freedom from pain. Imagine drug-free pain relief! The best part is I feel as if I have some control again, and it is all because of what I choose to eat. The foods are high quality, low carbohydrate goodies that provide the protein that my body needs. They taste delicious and travel well. With the Fun and Healthy Weight Loss program I have all the tools that I need to succeed.  My diabetes has improved significantly. My sugar readings are now ideal every day, even after I sometimes forget to take my medication. I look forward to my next doctor’s appointment in a month, because when they see the lab results of my blood sugar levels over the past three months, there is going to be a marked improvement. I expect that my doctor will soon wean me off the medication I take because I won’t need it anymore. I am handling my Type 2 Diabetes by eating the proper diet! The feeling of powerlessness that I’ve had for so long has been reversed and I find myself feeling more like the cheerful person I used to be. I look forward to activities I haven’t entertained in years, such as exercising. Walking is fun again. I am feeling the kind of profound happiness that comes from doing something good for myself and being successful at it. This diet is simple! Coach Susan will advise you on how to prepare meals if you do not know what to do. With her help, I have learned that it IS possible to make delicious foods without adding butter or oil in the cooking process.  The foods taste rich and are packed with good nutrition and are also very affordable. That is important to me as I live on a limited budget. If I had to pick my favorite item it would be the double chocolate pudding, which I usually have as my nighttime snack. I am at peace in a way that I have not felt in so long because I know I am going in the right direction. Every week I am 2-3 pounds lighter than I was the week before, and that is encouraging. I keep getting closer to my goal.  I now have the knowledge and the ability to make myself better. My body moves more fluidly than it has in years and my brain functions better. My thoughts are clear and I am more alert and focused. I now have a healthy and sane relationship with food.  No fear. If you want to improve your health but maybe you can’t exercise yet because you are always in pain, if you want to understand more about how to eat healthier, if you want to melt excess fat off your body, increase your energy, or just try some amazing healthy foods and snacks, then make an appointment to see Coach Susan and let her share with you how you can make a change for the better. I thought I was a lost cause - but I am living proof that it works. It is working for me!     L.C.

"A Health Scare Led to Better Health"

  I learned about Coach Susan and Fun & Healthy Weight Loss when visiting a doctor. My regular doctor had been urging me to lose weight. At the age of 49, my body was changing and not for the better. A health scare had sent me to a specialist and it was that doctor who suggested that I call Fun & Healthy Weight Loss Center. I was skeptical of diets and diet programs, but I finally called. I spoke with Coach Susan and even though she seemed knowledgeable and was nice, I was not confident that the program would work for me. Like a lot of other women, I was always putting everyone else first. It was six months later before I called again and Susan remembered me! I finally took the time to meet with her.  I began the program in early May and by mid-July I was down 30 pounds. Best of all, when I went back to my doctor, my numbers were dramatically different. My doctor was amazed! I have continued the program and have lost 50 pounds. Each Wednesday evening, I would drive to Southern Pines to meet with Susan, my coach. Even though it is a long drive, I look forward to my coaching sessions. I feel so much better and so much younger! The only problem I have encountered is dealing with jealousy from co-workers, but I just remember what my coach says, “jealousy never takes a holiday”. I am so grateful to Fun & Healthy Weight Loss, to my Doctor who urged me to lose weight, to the specialist who told me about Coach Susan and to the program offered at Fun & Healthy Weight Loss Center  which has truly changed my life.   S.B.

"I was skeptical, now I feel like a new person"

  At almost 78 years old, I was extremely skeptical that I could lose weight. I had heard about Fun & Healthy Weight Loss Center and Coach Susan. I even called once and spoke to Susan. Finally, my doctor told me that I was a candidate for a stroke. My knees were killing me, my back hurt and everything ached.  This was serious, a matter of life or death.  I had to do something, so with some trepidation, I made an appointment for a consultation, which was free, and spent over an hour with Susan. The consultation was informative, but I was still worried that I could not do it. I must admit, I was scared. I am only 5’1”, have no thyroid and weighed over 250 pounds.  Susan understood my fears and skepticism. She was patient with me and after the first two weeks, I realized that yes, I could do this. The foods are satisfying and the Fun & Healthy protein foods are very affordable, which is important to me. I appreciate the love and support I have received on my journey to better health. I feel great, I look great and am so grateful that I finally founds something that really works.  Today, people do not recognize me. I have lost over 50 pounds and 47 ½”!!! I highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about losing weight and being healthy. My doctors are thrilled with what I have accomplished. I feel like a new person.   

The Type Of Call You Want From Your Doctor's Office

Below is from an e-mail we received from one of our happy dieters:

"The nurse from my doctor's office called today to let me know that the results of my blood tests came back this morning and my Hemoglobin A1C has decreased from 7.5 to 5.8.  She said this is a remarkable change in only three months and that I can cut one of my medication doses in half and stop taking another one altogether.  This is such good news!  One of my goals when undertaking the Fun and Healthy Weight Loss program was to reverse my Diabetes and eliminate blood sugar medication altogether.  Not only have I lost 15% of my body fat but I am now well on my way to eliminating all of my medications.

I could not have done it without Coach Susan's knowledge, wisdom and unending patience with me.  Thank you!"  5/26/17